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We value your time and ensure that TeamPlus wixll empower your field force to measure the right metrics that provides a meticulous analysis to build explicit tactical decisions.

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Records Attendance

It captures data anytime anywhere to analyse a salesperson’s day to day performance. This will help you know whether your sales representatives are where they are supposed to be. A salesperson can also view his attendance history on a daily basis for the present and last month.

Manages Order Booking

A salesperson can book orders at an outlet in just a few clicks. Order booking can be done at retailer/distributor/super- stockist level via app. These are geo tagged, time stamped orders where email alerts are sent to the distributor/super- stockist /company.

Outlet Management

A salesperson can add or search for outlet details while on the move.

Reports and Analytics

This helps you to fetch data easily to analyse trends and forecast sales in a defined time period. Detailed reports will help you in collating and consolidating field and market information. Measure timely sales productivity for prediction of better results.

Tour Planning

They can design monthly tour plans which helps you keep track of each visit they make to have an organized approach while monitoring their performance and daily schedule.

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